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 Diagnostic and correction of emotional and physical health problems
A few years ago the emotional intelligence question emerged, creating an intense interest, but few are those who have incorporated such approaches to their personal and professional practical exercise, due to the existing routines.
In my therapeutic practice and personal counseling, I have saw a lot of problematic cases, emotional blockages, with a very difficult solution and explanation in the traditional observation and diagnostic dynamics.
Such situations often prevent us from fulfilling our social, family, personal or professional activities in the right way. But I have found, as I show in my books, different methodologies for the diagnosis and correction of such problems, with astounding results and relative easy application.
It should be understood that with this presentation, the problem and its alternatives would be pointed out, although a subsequent practice follow-up would be necessary, so that it could be effectively established in daily routines, with the consequent personal and professional improvement. This intensive workshop will be priced at 2200 swedish crowns. A more detailed program will be given to those who reserve their place, contributing 20% of complete price.
Juan Antonio López Benedí Ph.D

Autor: juanantoniolopezbenedi

Doctorado en Educación en valores, Formador, Coach, Escritor


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